STOP Abuse!

STOP Abduction!

STOP Sex Trafficking!

STOP Rape!

 Ms Jeanne Fleming

 I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and give you a short background. Many years ago, I was abducted by a man who was hiding in the backseat of my  car when I got in it. I was forced to drive for miles and while being terrified of what the man’s intentions may have been. Fortunately for me, I was able to escape my  moving vehicle and get away. This man turned out to be a violent serial rapist and the experience haunted me for many years.

 Twelve years ago, I was introduced to a specific custom designed program designed originally for smaller framed defensive tactics. This program was so successful  that the founders of the program branched out and applied it to women’s defense and survival training.

 In the process of implementing this program to women’s safety and survival they interviewed thousands of rape victims to find out about their horrific encounter. They  then interviewed thousands of rapists to find out how they chose their victim and step by step what they did with them.  This program was then scientifically put to the  test by putting subjects through the program while being strapped to wires to test their response rates, muscle memory, and success of the program.  This program  has been so successful that it is now being used for child abduction prevention!

 I earned my INTERNATIONAL certification in 2006, and have been instructing Total Confidence in several states for the past 10 years. 

 THIS IS MY PASSION .Out of the hundreds of women, teens, and girls that have taken my program, I am proud to state that I have received 100% positive feedback  from each and every student!

 I continue to share my knowledge and expertise in Total Confidence instructing and training in Reality Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense where with great pride  earned my 1st Degree Black Belt and in 2015 my 2nd Degree Black belt from Master Matthew Snyder  6th Degree Black Belt former Federal GMAN of the prestigious  ALPHA SELF DEFENSE SYSTEMS.

 Other professional certifications for Law Enforcement and The Public sectors include:

 Certified NRA Law Enforcement Pistol Instructor
 Certified Pistol Instructor
 Certified NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor
 Certified NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor
 Certified NRA Personal Protection In The Home Instructor

 Certified "WELL ARMED WOMAN " Instructor 
 Certified USCCA Concealed Carry Instructor
 PPCT Defensive Tactics Law Enforcement Instructor 

The Total Confidence EMPOWERMENT programs teach you how to fight with a Women’s strongest tools!

We highlight the difference between self-defense courses for men and women.  When a man attacks a man, he either wants his money or his life.  When a man attacks a woman, he either wants her money, her life OR HER BODY.  The nature of the conflict is, by definition, hugely different. 

A woman brings her particular strengths to the conflict while minimizing the strengths of a man.  She should not attempt to fight directly into the “strengths” of the man who is attacking her.  That’s not silly or flawed reasoning; it is a smart strategy for any fighter.

This shift in thinking is what really sets the Total Confidence program apart.  But it did not originally start that way, it has evolved over the centuries and continues to be amended to adapt and overcome the real world attacks today.

Two main points which are imperative for a successful program are:

Make the technique work within the time frame of 30 minutes.
Remember the technique at the end of the  2 hour session; after 2 weeks or 2 years! 

We travel throughout the United States sharing our extensive knowledge while empowering hundreds of women!
Schedule your seminar anytime! Each seminar is between 2-3 hours. The only limit to the number of women is the space available!
Private training sessions can be scheduled at our location or your home, office or club facility.
This is a hands on, reality based seminar! You have the option to train in pairs and yes it's more fun to learn with a friend!

Next Empowerment Session:

  • December 2017

  • January 2018

meet our certified instructors for our female only courses

Female Empowerment!

​ Brian Gates

 Grand Master Brian Gates, dubbed the “BAD GUY” dawns the protective suit, padded gear and allows you to empower your skills in the final stages with scenario  based training portions of the program to empower yourself!
 You can review more about Brian on the "About Master Brian Gates" page.

 You really cannot put a price on you or your loved ones life!  Ask yourself.....  WHAT IS MY LIFE WORTH???
 BAD things happen each and every day to GOOD PEOPLE.
 Be PRO-ACTIVE not re-active.

 We are now offering Home Defense, basic to advanced Handgun, Shotgun training, Firearms education and defensive shooting.
 PRIVATE or groups for Handgun education, safety, and live fire on the range all for  concealed carry and open carry self-defense.