Following is GRANDMASTER Brian Gates training lineage and prestegious blackbelt history:


Kevin L. Gates
Duane L. Gates

Augusto “Manny " Delerme

James “Jamie" Heller
Jack Snyder
Matthew Snyder (Former Federal Agent)
Carla Heller
Ronald C. Heller (Ret Chief of Police Logan Twp)
Charles “Larry “Larrimore
Jeffrey Becker SR. ( Ret Police Detective Panama City Fla)

Richard Jackson (PKA Full Contact Kickboxing Champion)
Ronald Moffitt
Nicolas "Nick" Bidoli (Special Agent)
Justin Means
Renee Porada "Slusser"

David Allen, May 16
Brian McDermott
John Cowan
Anthony *Tony Branda II.

Matthew Shettig, May 16
Jeremiah Mack
Richard Sunderland, Oct 23
Matthew Shibley
John C. Stich
Gregorio "Greg" Sheehan
Michael Fisher
Obadiah Ritchey

Shawn Melley January 30, 1994
Andrew Biesinger December 9, 1994  
Justin M. Snare 
Justine E. Snare

Todd Smith, August
Ty Swindell August
Dan Savino JR #048 August 24
Sasha Hileman
Mark Longo
Adam Bobal
Justin Bobal   
Travis Keagy
June Weston
Clinton Kenawell

William "Will" Jones Sr.
Jim Dugan
James Dugan Jr.
Michael Gonzales Florin
Stephanie Angelotto
Melanie Angelotto

Duane Bortnyck, May 11th
Elmer "Bud" Schilling, May 11th

Brian Gene Gates December 10th

Harry Curfman
Tracey Hoffman
Tamera Hoffman " DR"
Thomas A. Griffin
Ryan Murphy *RIP

Charles “Charlie" Ehredt March 10th
Blaise Letso
Matthew Ramsdell
Alex Ramsdell

Jim "GRIFF" Griffiths Dec 18th
William "WILL" Hoover June 10th
Collin Brien June 10th

Elizabeth Hoover
Katheryn "Katie" Hoover

February 18, 2012
Mary Grace Hoover
December 8, 2012
Jeanne Fleming
Renee Hoover

Joe Griffiths April 26, 2014

Christian Yarnish  ​July 2, 2016 
William "Billy" Hoover July 2, 2016 

 Stephen "Steve" Becker  Dec 29th


Anna Griffiths  

Darin Himmel 
       Katelyn Feighner  Jan 7th 


Kevin L. Gates

Matthew Snyder

Duane L. Gates

Richard Jackson

Shawn Melley
Richard Sunderland
Matthew Shibley 
Michael Fisher
Anthony "Tony" Branda II



 Charles Ehredt
William Hoover

Jim "Griff" Griffiths

April 2016

Jeanne Flemming


Joe Griffiths


Kevin L. Gates

Matthew Snyder

Richard Jackson

Jeanne Fleming  2017


Matthew Snyder


Matthew Snyder


Matthew Snyder 2017

Meet grand master brian gates

Grand Master Brian Gates began training karate in 1972. In 1985, he opened his first official professional training center. Since then, MBGKARMA, Karate, Kickboxing, MMA & American Self Defense Centers continues to provide the positive environment for a family friendly, personal, and professional attention to its members; helping them to become confidently more aware, achieve goals, stay safe, be fit, active, and healthy for over twenty nine years. We are here to help you reach all of your fitness and self-defense goals while producing champions in the FULL CONTACT ARENA kickboxing ring / MMA cage.

Recently Jan27th 2018 on Atlantic City Grand Master  Brian Gates received the Modern Warrior Award  at The Action MA Magazines Hall of Fame along with some of the Champions of The world and Hollywood actors.

Grand Master Brian Gates has promoted some of the most prestigious events in martial arts, karate, and kickboxing over the past decades, The Keystone Internationals and Keystone State Championships Internationally recognized film stars, martial arts legends, WORLD CHAMPIONS of the boxing/ kickboxing ring and UFC cage as special guests.

Grand Master Brian Gates is also a professional stuntman performing at live venues such as Charlotte Motor Speedway NASCAR pre-race entertainment and being featured on several television shows, most recently May 24th Brian performed a dynamic car jump/crash at CMS and was filmed for The History Channels new series American Daredevils #108 and aired Tuesday, November 12, 2013 and continued thru 2016 in the USA and UK on various programs.

Grand Master Brian Gates' professional experience encompasses a wide range, as he is a retired Pennsylvania State Law Enforcement Officer, currently is a Professional BODYGUARD Private Detective / Licensed Private Investigator,ILEETA, Certified  DT Instructor,OCAT~ MOAB Instructor LEO and civilian Firearms Instructor, and seasoned Protection / security specialist / professional Bodyguard protecting some of the most well-known VIPs', celebrities, stars of the stage and screen while traveling all of the United States, Mexico, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Germany, Ireland and England.

Following are just some of his famous clients, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith / American Idol, Head of Security / Nickelback protection for Band members, Chad, Mike, Ryan, and Daniel, John Walsh of America's Most Wanted & The Hunt , Motorcycle daredevils EVEL Knievel and Kaptain Robbie Knievel, Author Ian Hersi Ali, Matthew McConnaughy, Nicole Kidman, Tom Ridge, Newt Gingrich, Joe Kennedy, Peter Fonda, Chief Guy Fieri, World Boxing Champion Smokin Joe Frazier, Actor Gary Senise, Joe Mantegna, CEO John Paul DeJoria, Actor Kenua Reeves and many other well known and respected persons.

Master Brian Gates also provided close protection / security for Network Entertainment.... traveled with Motorcycle Daredevil Robbie Knievel beginning in Las Vegas riding to the Grand Canyon, Snake River Canyon, Butte Montana and returning to Las Vegas where he was an intricate part of the team filming, consulting and being interviewed personally for the Feature Film " I AM EVEL " The biography of EVEL KNIEVEL scheduled to air on Spike television network September 9th 2014.
A full length film RELEASED for TV and DVD in 2015 for the public to enjoy EVEL KNIEVEL THE LEGEND. 

Master Brian Gates shares his technical safety, security and protection expertise personally with you and in fact applies the same exact self-defense techniques that he utilizes to safeguard all of his high profile clients with their families ensuring you the tools to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Master Brian Gates looks forward to meeting you personally in the very near future to discuss in depth your concerns and address your needs with a custom program that will assure you to reach all of your expectations and goals.

Blackbelt - It is not about the destination. It is about the journey

Grand Master Brian Gates Blackbelt Ranking: