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Handgun consultation by Brian Gates  the experienced professional, safe trainer / skilled operator that will guide you on the best gun suited for you and your defensive needs.

Safe education on the nomenclature of handguns, ammo and  functions / mis- fires/ jams with solutions.

& Defensive LIVE Fire on a Safe Range


KICKBOXING  technical training for the full contact ring / cage and yes  for the great physical conditioning with our Kickboxing / Combat FITNESS SESSIONS and be coached by an EXPERIENCED fighter, The Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion!

Karate aka  Martial Arts training is great and with our enhanced training drills for the TODAY'S WORLD it becomes the REALITY to train and defend …...

BE THE LAST ONE STANDING ! martial arts karate kickboxing

Keep it real!  TRAIN reality martial arts kickboxing & karate

 At MBG KARMA We Offer Programs:

      Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Karate & Jui Jitsu

  • Youth  Life Skill Building
  • Teen Training to deal with today's adversaries
  • Adult Male & Female Groups
  • POWER UP Female Empowerment Seminars
  • SAFE Handgun education with * LIVE fire
  • Home / Personal /Travel / Dorm Safe Seminars 

37 + Years Sharing knowledge & empowering People 

 Est 1985


Power UP is a specific TOTAL CONFIDENCE training program that is designed and effective for FEMALES ONLY to stop an attacker from taking you in a vehicle, STOP the physical assault. STOP Sexual abuse and achieve the skills w goals to attain TOTAL CONFIDENCE & survive!

reality martial arts 


Training in the Martial Arts / Karate since the 70's and operating a professional kickboxing / self-defense training center since 1985, Master Brian Gates maintains a reality-based training program that constantly evolves to award you the proven effective techniques that will make the optimum impact on your life, not only physically but empowering mentally, resulting in TOTAL CONFIDENCE! martial arts, karate, kickboxing & defensive tactics